About us

The association “Rwandan Diaspora in Germany e.V.” (RDD e.V.) is a non-profit, independent and non-denominational registered community in Germany since 2002. RDD e.V. is a German section of the association “Rwandan Diaspora Global Network”. Our association has been entered in the register of associations VR 14554 Cologne since 2002. Our members are active and volunteer.

tasks and goals

We want:

1. Promotion and communication of the Rwandan language and culture in the diaspora, for example through volunteers

  • Organization of language weekends and seminars for Rwandan children and young people as well as other language enthusiasts.
  • Organization of Rwandan cultural days.
  • Organization of leisure weeks for Rwandan children and young people in Germany to promote Rwandan art, culture and language.

2. Help for self-help: together with local partners in Rwanda, implement and carry out sustainable and long-term projects to improve elementary care and the living standards of the population in Rwanda through, for example:

  • Financial support and organizational advice for women’s cooperatives.
  • Promotion of vocational training for needy school children and young people through partnerships with schools and craft businesses on site in Rwanda through, for example:
  • Grant for school materials and school uniforms as well as for tutoring.
  • Grant for computer education and training for computer professions.

3. Promotion of knowledge and know-how transfer to Rwander through, for example:

  • Voluntary educational workshops by the diaspora on site in Rwanda.

4. Support for survivors of the genocide against the Tutsis of 1994 and orphans by building accommodation, schools, etc.

5. The aid is given in a non-partisan way and regardless of tribal, religious or nationality and is adapted to the socio-cultural conditions of the people both locally in Rwanda and here in Germany.

6. The means to pursue the association’s purposes are obtained through time donations (voluntary commitment of the members), membership fees, grants and monetary donations.