Verbesserung der Bildungssituation im Distrikt MUSANZE

The Nyarubara primary school center is located in the Musanze district in the Northern Province at the foot of the volcanic region. Nyarubara Primary School Center is a state primary school with around 1,000 children and fifteen classrooms.

In the old classrooms, up to five children sit tightly packed on a 120 cm school desk. Children obviously self-handicap and this condition does not motivate them. To a large extent, this tight fit explains poor school performance when it comes to the national test for ordinary secondary school level. Our organization Rwanda Diaspora in Germany has helped to improve this situation.

As a result of the overall project, a total of fifteen new classrooms, girls ‚rooms, headmasters and teachers‘ office were built, which are equipped with solid and more ergonomic furniture and school materials. In the new, larger classrooms there are only two children per bench. This is not only more ergonomic, but also better for learning performance. Before the celebration of the 15 new classrooms at NYARUBARA Elementary School, we received a video that recaps the history of Nyarubara Elementary School.






MUSANZE district